Annie loving Langdale after a NutBomb

You've got this

No surrender!

The story so far!

The business started as a pair of runners who have had trouble finding a suitable food to eat during long distance runs.

I decided some time ago to change my eating habits so I only ate fresh products with no added refined sugar, which worked really well in that I lost weight, felt healthier and ran faster, but the problem I had was finding a handy energy food to eat during long distance runs. The existing products were either gels, which are basically pure sugar or energy bars which are very hard to eat, unpalatable and are basically too big. The end product of this was that whilst recently doing the three peaks race I ran out of energy completely and really struggled over the final few miles, I realised that I had tried to run for 5 hour on 3 dates, the energy bars I took were so hard to eat I ended up throwing them away.

As a result, another running friend (who worked in food preparation) and I, developed a nut based product which was smaller in size and easier to eat whilst exercising. The result was our new product called Nutbomb.

At the moment we produce 3 flavours:

  1. Date and Walnut
  2. Apricot, Orange and Dark Chocolate
  3. Cherry, Coconut & Ground Almonds

We can easily produce more flavours still using natural products.

“All the ingredients are natural and they contain no added refined sugar” – Annie