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Fuel for champions

Nutbombs - a healthy, high protein, energy food, containing all natural ingredients.

They are ideal as fuel for running, cycling, walking, hiking, climbing, or even a halftime snack during football/rugby matches, anywhere where there is a need for slow release, long lasting energy.  Because of the high protein they are ideal for use by crossfit, weight trainers or any gym member.

They are high in protein, fibre and carbs so they can be used during exercise to keep the body fuelled or as a recovery food to help repair the muscles.  Or it could be used as a healthy snack to keep you going during the day, or as a kid’s lunchbox snack.

Date & Walnut

The original nut bomb flavour – Made from all natural ingredients, peanut butter, honey, oats, and linseed but with chunks of Dates and Walnuts.  They include that little treat of chunks of dark chocolate, and that extra boost of Natural Whey protein.

Apricot, Orange & Dark Choc

A moist twist on the original,  with chunks of apricot and orange zest in the mixture to give a more fruity taste, the orange complimenting the lumps of dark chocolate.

Cherry, Coconut & Ground Almonds

A popular flavour, again based on the original recipe but with chunks of cherry and ground almonds in the mixture and rolled in coconut.